Volunteer Opportunities with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane

There are many different opportunities to volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane.  We rely on the time and talents of over 500 volunteers each year to carry out our mission, and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

Please read about the opportunities below and complete the form at the bottom of the page to learn more.


“I have truly loved being at the Ronald McDonald House. It fills my heart up seeing all those lovely little faces running all over the place. Knowing that most of them feel awful most of the time but they always seem to have big smiles on their faces.” Alissa Dillon, RMHC Spokane Volunteer

The door is open to the "House that Love Built”.

Come in, invest yourself, and prepare to be amazed by the joy of doing.

With accommodations for 22 families, more than 500 families are served each year. Your support is needed to help with the ongoing operation of this very special home. House volunteers assist with everything from light housekeeping to administrative duties to special projects. They are very much a part of the RMHC family!

We also recruit volunteers to help staff our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. These volunteers must complete both RMHC orientation and Sacred Heart Medical Center’s volunteer orientation program.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Questions? Please contact Debbie Fucile, Volunteer Coordinator, at (509) 624-0500 or by email at debbief@rmhspokane.org.


Are you part of an organization, business, community or church group that is interested in serving families at the Ronald McDonald House?

Our Meal Program welcomes groups to come in and prepare lunch or dinner for families staying at RMH. Many of the families return to the House exhausted and emotionally drained, and having a hot meal prepared for them is a simple act that means the world to them.

RMHC Global Standards require that all meals be prepared and cooked onsite at Ronald McDonald House. Click HERE to view the Meal Program Guidelines.

If you are interested in participating in the Meal Program, please fill out the form below or contact Nancy Markley, House Operations Assistant, at nancym@rmchspokane.org


If you’re interested in a fun, one-day opportunity to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane, please consider volunteering at one of our signature fundraising events!

By far our largest volunteer needs are for the Cobra Polo Classic. This one event takes over five-hundred volunteers each year! If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please contact us at (509)624-0500.


Do you speak Spanish?

About Ronald McDonald House Charities

RMHC Spokane has 3 central programs, all designed to strengthen families and promote children’s health in our region. Ronald McDonald House Spokane provides a “home away from home” for out-of-town families with children accessing medical treatment in Spokane. The Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital provide a place for all families to rest and regroup right at the hospital while their children receive treatment. The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Program enables over 2,000 children in Central Washington to access basic medical and dental care each year.Read More About RMHC

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